Benchmark Texas Petroleum, LLC. is the TRRC approved operator and DBA of Benchmark Petroleum Partners, LLC. BPP is a Nevada Corporation that is based on Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The origination of the company was the brain child of Mr. Charles D. “Chuck” Lawson, President of Cavalier Oil & Gas, Inc. Cavalier, over the last few years, has discovered several new shallow oil developments in a tri-county area that are in the main stream present day exploration programs for several large independent oil & gas companies. With this in mind, Benchmark was originated to keep several of these new discoveries “in house” for our own investment vehicle. With the geology understood and the field histories that are available, it is a simple task to exploit these known producing areas with today’s horizontal technologies and improved production techniques.

The framework of Benchmark is substantial. With the industry partners, engineering groups, and affiliated companies that are a part of Benchmark’s  format, it will bring many years of exploration and production expertise to the effort. Mr. Lawson, of whom has over 30+ years in the industry with many disciplines, is the President of Benchmark. There are several other seasoned veterans that are not listed in the management that will assist Benchmark in achieving the goals it has set out to accomplish in the next few years. We feel that the development programs that will become the main frame of Benchmark will be some of the best investment opportunities that are available today and in the future.

Executive Management Team  (click for Bio)