The present day strategy of Benchmark Four Pumping Unitsand its associated interest is to pursue known producing intervals or “strata” that have had a substantial history of oil and gas production. The strategies of introducing new horizontal drilling technologies to these areas where the intervals have had a known history of production are the main focus of this operation. This new technology has been proven to enhance the recovery of reserves that have been left by prior operational modes. These areas of interest have been exploited only by traditional drilling means prior to 1960 with some development since 1980. Since that time, small operators have taken over these areas and exploited what was left from the original efforts which is limited. Most of the areas that we are targeting for development have been abandoned for financial or other unknown reasons. This makes these potential developments obtainable without the high costs that are associated with mainstream acquisitions that are taking place in other regions.

Four wellheads with submersible pumpsWith the introduction of horizontal drilling practices, these areas have drawn a new interest due to the results of this operation which have taken place since the early 1990s. This action generated hydrocarbon production at levels of many times the original production history on a “well by well” basis. Due to the understanding of the geological and physical means of why the oil is in these areas, it is safe to assume that the new technology will easily extract more of the known reserves that have been left in their respective reservoirs.

Because the results of the implementation of this technology and the increased state of production from this operation, the main focus is to keep the highest possible revenue level of profit margins maintained through good and understood production practices  which are monitored and maintained 24 hours  a day by our associated professionals.

We believe that this strategy, along with the experience of a previous history of exploration and production with this type of operation, will be well organized because of the day to day operations that have taken place in this area for a long time. Based on the shallow depths and limited risks of cost and mobilization, Benchmark and its partners will be well rewarded.